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A Quality Team of Highly Experienced Defense Lawyers

At Mullen & McGourty, we have built our team on the strength of courtroom successes combined with skill, intelligence, and adaptability. Our experienced defense lawyers specialize in all areas of practice and provide a vigorous defense for our clients. When you need a responsive team with a high-quality reputation and the results to match, call on us to take your case.

Whether you need workers' compensation lawyers working on your behalf or a general liability defense, we are fully prepared to provide thorough and stalwart representation. 

Six Offices to Meet Your Needs

Our results-oriented team operates out of offices across the Northeast to better serve our clients. If your business crosses state lines, your legal representation should too. The members of our team have between two and 35 years of experience.


  • Ed McGourty
  • Jay Mullen
  • Mark Likoff
  • John Davey
  • William Holtz
  • Thomas G. Bradley
  • Ty DeMato
  • Wayne Gallo
  • Courtney Pidani
  • Susan Underwood
  • Alyssa Burns
  • Kharissa M. Meo
  • Patrick M. Jamison


  • William Holtz
  • Richard Knapp
  • Ryan Dacey
  • Andrew M. Dewey
  • Kristin A. Bonneau
  • Tristan Winkler
  • Lauren E. Mansfield
  • Anthony Heck

Rhode Island

  • Wayne Gallo
  • John Davey
  • Denise Lombardo Myers
  • Danielle Britto

New Hampshire

  • Craig Russo
  • Mark Likoff
  • Ty DeMato
  • Matthew Solomon


  • Cameron Brown

New York

  • Anthony Heck
  • Ty DeMato