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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our Offices

Our Offices

An Insurance Law Firm Dedicated to Defense

Since 1995, Mullen & McGourty has been defending the insurance and business communities across the Northeast. When corporations, insurance companies, and employers need an experienced and dedicated insurance law firm they can depend upon, they think of us.

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About Us

We pride ourselves on providing a cost-effective business legal defense of the highest quality. Our team handles intricate cases with aplomb across field such as:

  • Workers' Compensation
  • General Liability
  • Construction
  • Transportation/Trucking
  • Restaurants/Retail
  • Environmental
  • Products
  • Premises
  • Automobile
  • Subrogation Claims

We have six offices throughout New England to serve you when and where you need it. Contact us today so we can discuss your case and how we can help you.


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